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Managing Boujee Hair

Good hair can go a long way.

Before Install

  • We encourage our babes to shampoo, condition or co-wash hair prior to installation or wig making for the best results.

  • Sometimes less is best, so go easy on the products. Adding a lot of oil and other heavy products can weigh down the hair and cause weft to thin.

  • Try to avoid alcohol based products and always use heat protectants when styling with excessive heat.

Keep It Clean

  • Be sure to thoroughly wash and condition hair at least once every 2 weeks. Doing so will prolong the life of the hair and keep it healthy.

  • For tighter textures, detangle prior to washing. Be sure to start from the ends and work your way up.

    • To tighten curls, scrunch the hair according to the curl pattern. Curl creams are a great help.

  • Be sure to add extra care to your hair when it is color treated or bleached, because it is more likely to tangle and shed. Keep it conditioned.

Boujee Maintenance

  • To reduce tangling and shedding, always comb your hair from the bottom up.

  • Be gentle with your lace and try not to scratch. Babes don't look good with bald spots, and laces don't either.

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